Brendan McBride

Brendan is an experienced Inside Out performance coach who delivers outstanding results through his unique and intuitive coaching style. Naturally building rapport, he quickly understands the key critical business issues and helps business leaders and teams identify and resolve performance gaps. The output leads to the breaking through of seemingly impossible challenges into new territory and opportunities.

Through his business experience, gained from working in various senior leadership positions across Europe, Brendan understands the importance of authentic leadership, which is founded on truly understanding and being at ease with oneself. His knowledge and interest in Emotional Intelligence, the ability to manage ourselves and our relationships effectively, is at the core of developing peak leadership performance. Brendan has lived and worked in Ireland, France, the United States, Australia, Germany and the UK.

Recent Coaching Assignments

  • Helping the VP of Sales to overcome an issue which had been detrimental in developing relationships and communicating with her peers. Through coaching on emotional intelligence and in particular self awareness, the root problem of this behavior was discovered and the necessary changes introduced
  • Working with an International Marketing Team to help them Identify and agree to the Team brand, Team vision and purpose. The individuals were all highly fragmented geographically, culturally and in their outlook, having worked in ‘silos’ with no common approach
  • Helping a Business Unit Director refocus his energy after having dropped his performance and results. Initially the focus was on helping the client build his self-esteem through accepting his current reality and then dealing with the challenges in the role

Education & Professional Qualifications

  • MA Marketing, University of Ulster, Belfast, Ireland
  • Business Studies Degree, University of Limerick, Ireland
  • Advanced Diploma Executive Coaching Mastery (Kudos), Oxford, UK
  • Certificate in NLP Applied Psychology, ITS, London, UK
  • Export Marketing Placement, University of San Francisco
  • Management Diploma, Part completed, Ashridge, UK
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, JCA, Oxford, UK
  • Member, EMCC

Coaching Signature

Brendan coaches in an open, challenging, intuitive and non-directive style while ensuring that the client has control of his or her destination. Helping people is one of Brendan’s core values and he is passionate about helping clients succeed on their journey through a trusting, honest and purposeful coaching experience.

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