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Taking Control

Posted on 17th Dec 2015

Having a conscious role in how we think can steer us away from destructive responses, transform our ability to make decisions and enhance relationships, says Noel Brady

Who’s in control: you or your subconscious? No apologies for introducing this somewhat profound opening question. It’s a deeply important question that executives – and everyone else, for that matter – should ask themselves.

In any 24-hour day, we are really only conscious of a small percentage of things that we make happen, or that happen to us. While we are distracted by our thoughts, worries and daydreams, our mysterious subconscious is controlling most of what we do and how we react to events – a kind of silent autopilot, if you like. Our subconscious mind contains our individual subjective map of reality, and as external events enter our subconscious through our senses we process our response largely on auto-pilot, without ever engaging our high-level conscious mind – the one that uses logic and critical thinking to make rational decisions (we hope). (more…)

“Alpha” Personalities dominate in Business – But should they?

Posted on 17th Dec 2015

NEW YORK, NY, May 11, 2011 – “Alpha” personalities rule in business. But these men and women who dominate and domineer colleagues and subordinates, and can insist on always getting their way, often ignore their blind spots and may actually cause more damage than they’re worth. Even with all their smarts and drive, Alpha leaders are apt to produce sub-par performance for their teams – and all too often take in (and dispense) bad information and advice, according to Vivian James Rigney, founder and principal of Inside UsTM LLC, an international executive coaching firm.

“Alphas often fail because they’re too predictable,” says Mr. Rigney. “Their behavior is so repetitive that the people around them learn to work with it – or work around it. We’re used to the idea that alpha men and women should be placed in leadership roles, but when that happens, performance can suffer.” (more…)

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